DTG 230753Z APR 2017
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Stay on top of the solar weather for optimum HF communication success.

 26 MAR 2017 - Commander U.S. Army North Briefed by Texas Army MARS at Camp Mabry - Commander U.S. Army North Briefed by Texas Army MARS at Camp Mabry.

 17 MAR 2017 - COMEX 17-1 Demonstrates Extended Operation, New Tasking Method - COMEX 17-1, from 25 February through 28 February 2017, successfully demonstrated MARS capabilities to operate over an extended period to complete several different tasks within variable time deadlines.

 26 FEB 2017 - MARS in the news - In a February 22, 2017, ARRL news article, MARS Program Manager Paul English explains how MARS has refocused its mission on supporting the DOD though contingency HF communications, digital modes, expanded use of ALE and encryption.

 30 NOV 2016 - COMEX 16-4 Demonstrates Effective Collaboration - COMEX 16-4, from 30 October through 1 November 2016 — the final COMEX of 2016 — ushered in a new approach to MARS participation in a simulated nation-wide communications outage.

pic22 OCT 2016 - Texas Army MARS Fall Field Day 2016 - On September 23-24, 2016, Texas Army MARS members conducted Field Day (FFD-16) operations in partnership with region ARES and other radio amateurs from mobilized locations to provide HF data and SSB voice communications ...

 30 AUG 2016 - Region 6 Performs Well in COMEX 16-3 - Region 6 Army MARS members turned in an impressive performance in COMEX 16-3 on 15 August 2016.

 22 AUG 2016 - Texas Army MARS Annual Meeting 2016 - Texas Army MARS members gathered for the annual state meeting on 5-6 August 2016, at Camp Mabry in Austin.

 05 AUG 2016 - Zone 3 Annual Meeting - On 24 July 2016 Texas Army MARS conducted their Zone 3 annual meeting and training for its membership in Hockley, Texas. The meeting was well attended by the membership which included three new slant tangos.

 26 OCT 2015 - National Annual Training Guidance 2016 - Attached is the 2016 National Annual Training Guidance with Dates for Scheduled Events.

 04 OCT 2015 - Belton Swapmeet 2015 - Read about the Texas Army MARS table at the October, 2015 Belton Hamfest.

 17 NOV 2014 - JOHN HUDMAN MEMORIAL - JOHN HUDMAN MEMORIAL Eighty family members and friends gathered to bid farewell to John Hudman. John served God, his family and friends for...

 04 SEP 2014 - In Memoriam AAT6AC -  In Memoriam AAT6AC George served the U.S. Army as a First Sergeant and after retirement, he became an Amateur Radio Operator and join...

 09 JAN 2014 - Texas State Guard at Tarleton -   Texas State Guard to drill on Tarleton campus Tarleton State UniversityFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEWednesday, January 8, 2014STEPHENVILLE,...

 05 DEC 2013 - In Memoriam AAR6YA - In Memoriam Jodie Kallina AAR6YA Requiescat in Pace 2013 Jodie served as a Captain in the United States Army Corps of Engineers before ent...

 05 OCT 2013 - Honors AAV6ZB - photo is posted to a different thread


 10 JUN 2013 - Jelinski, J., Col.,U.S.M.C.(ret.), Debrief AT, 2013 -   Subject: MARS Support to AT 2013 Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2013 03:46:49 +0000 From: Jelinski, Jo...

 15 APR 2013 - MARS and the Community - Is the threat of local, State or national disasters a concern of American citizens?

pic29 APR 2012 - 2012 TX Emergency Management Conference - Texas held its annual 2012 Emergency Management Conference on April 2nd through the 5th this year at the Henley B. Gonzales Conference Center located in San Antonio, Texas.

pic08 MAR 2012 - TX Army MARS State Director Honored At State Meeting - Texas Army MARS held their annual State meeting at Camp Mabry Austin, Texas on October 8, 2011. During this meeting Lew Thompson/AAA6TX (Texas Army MARS State Director) was honored and presented two citations by Brian S. Attaway GS-13 Acting J6/CIO for his outstanding service.

pic08 MAR 2012 - TX Army MARS Emergency Operations Officer Receives Award - Texas Army MARS held their annual State meeting at Camp Mabry Austin, Texas on October 8, 2011. During this meeting Dave Martin Texas State MARS Emergency Operations Officer was honored and presented a citation by Brian S. Attaway GS-13 Acting J6/CIO for his outstanding service.

pic08 MAR 2012 - TX Army MARS Flies the Colors at Collin County Skywarn School - Several members of the Texas Army MARS attended the annual Collin County Skywarn classes on Saturday, January 23, 2012.

pic02 SEP 2011 - SummerFest and Zone 2/4 2011 mtg - August has been a very busy month for Texas Army MARS members and staff. It started out with the Austin Summer Fest held on August 6 at the Airport Marriott Hotel located in Austin, Texas. A membership recruiting booth was reserved by Connie McWha/AAR6CG and set up by our very own state director Lew Thompson/AAA6TX to present the Texas Army MARS program to new prospective members.

pic02 SEP 2011 - HamCom 2011 - Texas Army MARS members packed their bags and headed to Plano, Texas for the 2011 Ham-Com Convention that would be held at the Plano Center Friday and Saturday 10-11 June. At the 2011 Ham-Com Convention one could find a varied of outdoor tailgate sale, indoor venders, and a varied of interesting speakers.

pic12 JUN 2011 - Spring Field Day 2011 PIO Report - All MARS members that participated in the daily nets worked hard on learning proper net procedures, message handling, setting and testing their equipment to the MARS new national standard for MT-63 and Olivia.

pic21 MAY 2011 - Voice of Victory - Hallicrafters during WWII - An interesting video of the role of Hallicrafters during WWII

pic06 MAY 2011 - 2011 Texas Emergency Management Conference - MARS was well represented by many Texas members at the Texas Emergency Management Conference this year.

pic06 MAY 2011 - 2011 Armed Forces Day: Cross-band Com Test - The Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard are co- sponsoring the annual military/amateur radio communications tests in celebration of the 61th Anniversary of Armed Forces Day (AFD).

pic06 MAY 2011 - Installation of Tower at CCG - Lew has put together some excellent documentation on the installation of the antenna tower for the CCG MARS station at Camp Mabry.

pic06 MAY 2011 - MARS at American Heroes Day at Camp Mabry - Texas Army MARS was present at the American Heroes Day Celebration at Camp Mabry on April 16th & 17th to remind the public and Texas Military Forces what we do and how we serve them in times of need.

pic06 MAY 2011 - Texas Army Mars Losses Long Time Member - AAR6BH - It was with great sadness that all Texas Army MARS Members received notice that one of our long time members had passed away. Texas Army MARS member Eugene "Gene" Jank was born April 18, 1917 in Alder, TX and passed away on February 12, 2011 in San Antonio, TX.

pic17 JAN 2011 - Fall Field Day 2010 - PIO Report - This year on November 5-6, 2010 Texas Army MARS members took to the field for Fall Field Day 2010 with their radios, antennas, generators, and batteries in tow. But what was going to be different about this Fall Field Day (FFD-10) 2010?

pic15 JAN 2011 - In fond rememberance of Ivan Mangold - Ivan Mangold, will rest in our hearts and minds forever as he left this earth at 12:30 Central 06 JAN 2011. Ivan was the model of operator perfection that we should all strive to attain.

pic03 NOV 2010 - 2010 State Meeting - The annual state meeting was another great success with a high turnout of members and excellent presentations.

pic31 MAY 2010 - Raytheon's Radar Over the Horizon - It is quite amazing that they can track targets using HF Radio. This installation has been blamed for occasional interference on MARS frequencies. In as much as it is a government facility, they may be using some of the same frequencies allocated for MARS. There are a total of three installations – Texas, Virginia, Puerto Rico. The facility is located on US 281 South of Alice Texas on the West side of the road.

pic09 MAY 2010 - MARS Makes Front Page of Galveston Co. Daily news - Texas Army MARS participated in a recent Rapid Response Task Force (RRTF) drill out of Austin, TX and convoyed down to Texas City, TX.

pic29 APR 2010 - Armed Forces Day 2010 - The Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard are co-sponsoring the annual military/amateur radio communications tests in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Armed Forces Day (AFD). Although the actual Armed Forces Day is celebrated on Saturday, May 15, 2010, the AFD Military/Amateur Crossband Communications Test will be conducted 08 May 2010 to prevent conflict with the Dayton Hamvention (14-16 May 2010), which is the same weekend as the actual Armed Forces Day.

pic31 MAR 2010 - Midland 2010 Hamfest - Our zone 4 coordinator, Ted Stone, represented TX Army MARS with pride at the 2010 hamfest, along with several other zone four members.

pic26 DEC 2009 - MARS Gets a New Name! - MARS is now the Military Auxiliary Radio System. Check out the ARRL article and DoD Instruction for additional details on this positive change.

pic06 DEC 2009 - Fall Field Day 2009 - Texas Army Mars members recently participated in a very successful Fall Field Day exercise. In as example of teamwork and the Army MARS spirit, these stations processed 230 messages during their operations within the state of Texas, of which 183 were originated in state operations.

pic25 AUG 2009 - Heavy Mobex 2009 - Lew, AAR6UK, reports in on the activities during the Heavy MOBEX (Mobile Exercise) 2009. The purpose of the MOBEX is to establish re-entry procedures for the Heavy Task Force Team (500+ personnel).

pic14 JUN 2009 - Defense Interoperability Communications Exercise 2009 - Lew, AAR6UK, reports in from Camp Mabry and the Standing Joint Inter Agency Task Force on the Defense Interoperability Communication Exercise

pic01 APR 2009 - Mobile Station Installation - Dennis has put together some details on his excellent mobile station to provide some basic hints and tips for the rest of us.

pic15 MAR 2009 - 2009 Spring Field Day - This Spring 2009 Field Day was once again not only a good demonstration of MARS traffic handling procedures but a learning experience also. Field Days show us our strengths and weaknesses and what we forgot we would need and yet still manage to enjoy the outing.

pic15 OCT 2008 - 2008 State Meeting - Here are some of my notes from and impressions of the Friday evening classes and the Saturday, TX MARS Annual Meeting. These notes are not meant to be detailed but will cover some of the high points for those members who were unable to attend.

pic01 SEP 2008 - FEMA ICS Training - Army MARS headquarters at Ft. Huachuca would like all Army MARS members to complete the FEMA self study ICS courses. ICS-100, 200, 700 and 800 are the core classes to take. The holders of billet call signs are especially urged to complete the courses. FEMA's website has excellent audio/visual study sessions. You even take the tests at your leisure online.