DTG 230756Z APR 2017
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COMEX 17-1 Demonstrates Extended Operation, New Tasking Method

COMEX 17-1 Demonstrates Extended Operation, New Tasking Method 

State Public Information Officer


COMEX 17-1, from 25 February through 28 February 2017, successfully demonstrated MARS capabilities to operate over an extended period to complete several different tasks within variable time deadlines. Operations were realistic and promoted a mind set for a real bad day. This exercise also implemented a new standard method of tasking that was well accepted and efficient.

COMEX 17-1 was the first national exercise in 2017 that supported our national customers and included both Air Force and Army MARS stations. Notionally, no commercial power was available for the exercise and several stations participated as if that was a real condition. Stations solicited county observation reports and provided wx obs, among other tasks, copying tasking by intercept as it evolved. Several stations operated every net with many using portable equipment. 

This exercise required the use of multiple frequencies. Propagation generally supported communications over the comex period. Tasking procedures worked well. Traffic flow was good, despite some doubling and extensive use of relays.

Region 6 turned in a wonderful performance, with all mission assignments completed within the allotted time. The exercise was meaningful, realistic, value added and served as a good laboratory for new approaches and procedures. Texas Army MARS leadership thanks all MARS members for their outstanding support during the exercise, and expresses appreciation and gratitude to the amateur radio operators who supported this cooperative effort.

Article Written By: State PIO on 17 MAR 2017